Electronics Engineering

Samples of Electronic Hardware Created by UCEC Electrical Engineers

MUSE C Alpha X-RAY Spectrometer Instrument

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Weighting only 95 grams and in a 40 mm*40 mm electronics box, MUSES AXS is the latest achievement in Alpha Scattering and X-ray Instrumentation. Designed and built by the UCEC Staff (Frank Di Donna, Pasquale Di Donna, Helmut Krebs) the AXS is a hybridized version of the APXS (Alpha, Proton, X-Ray, Spectrometer ) that was flown for the Mars Pathfinder Mission. The AXS is able to resolve Alpha particles in the .250 mev to 6.5 mev energy range and X-rays in the .7 kev to 18.5 kev range. The external components shown here are the AXS hybrid circuits and one of two PC boards both designed by Frank Di Donna. The larger Hybrid on the right has the cover removed to show the internal components.

Stardust Dust flux monitor instrument

STARDUST DUST FLUX MONITOR INSTRUMENTThe Dust Flux Monitor Flight Instrument (DFMI) designed and built by the UCEC staff (Francisco Alvarez, Frank Di Donna, Pasquale Di Donna, Gene Drag, Ellen LaRue and Richard Northrop) for the Stardust Space Mission is a highly sensitive instrument designed to detect particles as small as a few microns. It is based on a very special polarized plastic (PVDF - Polyvinylidene Fluoride) that generates electrical pulses when impacted or penetrated by small high speed particles.

fine line 8 layer, bga 6u vme board

Fine Line 8 Layer, BGA 6U VME BOARD

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The board includes several analog circuits with components on both sides of the board and an on-board DAC system with 3 fine line BGA chips.  This board was developed for the ACCESS (Advanced Cosmic-ray Composition Experiment on the Space Station) project by Gary Kelderhouse. Download Adobe PDF Reader to view file.

Mars Pathfinder Rover with APXS Instrument

Mars Pathfinder Rover with APXS InstrumentAPXS co-designers Frank Di Donna (right) and retired U of C engineer Murry Perkins (left) posing with Pathfinder's Sojourner Rover during APXS instrument integration.

EHIC Program Generator

EHIC Program GeneratorThe program generator developed for the Energetic Heavy Ion Cosmic Ray Instrument  (EHIC) is used to send a specific sequence of pulses with  varying amplitude to calibrate the instrument.  The 8085 controlled system contains a 2 line by 40 character alpha numeric LCD display that displays the programmed pulse sequence.  The digital system and system software was designed and programmed by Pasquale Di Donna.  The analog portion was developed by Frank Di Donna.