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Sample of Parts Made by UCEC Shop Staff

Dasi at the South Pole

DASI at the South PoleThis was the project we helped design at UCEC working with the DASI personal. The parts for the mount were made in the shop and the large ring by an outside vendor. The unit was assembled by the shop and shipped to the pole. This was a project that required a quick turn around to meet the pole schedule. Click here for more pictures.

Sterotactic System

Sterotactic SystemThis surgical instrument was designed and built by the Central Shop for the University of Chicago Hospital Neurosurgery (Brain Surgery). This is the prototype. It's to be put into production in the near future.

HAWK Project

HAWK ProjectElectronic vacuum box made of magnesium.


SZAThe Sunyaev-Zeldovich Array radio telescope.  The Central Shop built the prototype for the Tertiary mirror mounts, Optical bench and bench to telescope mounting stand-offs. Among other parts.


Modified Incubator

Modified IncubatorClick on the picture for a gallery of images

"We don't make the product, we make it Better."   This Incubator was modified for tissue culture with the illumination of filtered ultraviolet light for eye cells.

Restored Antique Microscopes

Restored Antique Microscopes"Now the Fun Work", restoring antique microscopes to working order.


KB-BendersX-Ray Micro-Focusing Optic for the Beam Line at Argonne Lab.

Die Set

Die SetThis Die Set was made for Geo Soil Enviro CARS to be in the Development of a High Pressure Cell for Microtomographic Imaging under high pressure.


CREAM TRDCosmic Ray Energetics and Mass. http://cream.uchicago.edu